3 Types Of Storage Sheds

If you have more items inside or outside your home than you have space, you may need to consider getting a storage shed. This is an ideal way for you to have the extra room that's necessary to store either extra things from your house or tools and equipment that you may need outside. There is a variety of storage sheds available, and knowing what some of these are can be helpful in choosing the right one to meet your needs.


One of the commonly selected types of storage sheds chosen by homeowners is of the plastic variety. These are usually made of resin or vinyl and offer some benefits that are listed below:

1.  This type of storage shed is easy to maintain and typically requires setting up only.

2.  A plastic shed of this type usually is the lightest weight, and this makes these extremely easy to move.

3.    This unit is durable and can withstand the elements of the weather with ease.

Additionally, a plastic shed is an affordable option for most people, and the average cost can range from $100 - $750 for one.


Many homeowners prefer the look of wood for a storage shed because it is typically the most attractive. This is especially true if your home is constructed of wood and you can create a shed that is similar to the exterior of your house.

Wooden sheds can also be painted to match the color of your home. This makes this type a popular choice, and the fact that wood is long-lasting is another huge benefit. However, the downside of choosing a wood shed is the cost because these are typically the most expensive.


If you want a storage shed that will stand the test of time, then you should consider a metal one. These are made out of galvanized steel and will usually withstand any weather element. One of the benefits of this type of shed includes these being easy to construct. You can usually get a kit at your local hardware store and put one these together on your own time.

Being able to have a place outside of your living space to store things is ideal for any homeowner. Be sure to consider working with a contractor from a company like Alaskan Barns if you want to have one custom built that may last longer and look more attractive in the long run.