When Do You Need A Contractor?

As a homeowner who is planning new construction or a remodel, you may be confused about what type of professional help that you need. Should you hire a handyman, a regular contractor, or a general contractor? The answer is that it "depends." The size and nature of the job dictate the type of professional you need. 


A handyman can do many of the jobs around your home. Basic repairs, small tasks, and painting can easily be handled by a skilled handyman. In fact, most jobs that do not require a license or permit can be done by this professional. Many of the regular maintenance tasks around your house fall into this category. 


For slightly bigger jobs or jobs that require a permit, you will need to hire a licensed contractor. Although the law varies according to the municipality where you live, you will most likely need to acquire a permit for fencing, some window installations, electrical wiring, structural changes, additions, and remodels. Your town or city wants to have these projects on record so that they can be properly inspected for safety reasons. Not following the proper permit process can end up costing you money in fines. You may even be forced to have work redone. 

General Contractor

For longer term projects, you may need to hire a general contractor, like those at Rob Kabby Custom Builders and other locations. The general contractor basically manages your remodel or new construction. They hire the subcontractors who will do the electric, drywall, and roofing and make certain that they meet deadlines. General contractors are also in charge of the project's payroll and serve as your representative with suppliers as well. Experts recommend you hire a GC if the project will take longer than a week; you need several professionals to do the job, and the task requires permits. When the job gets complicated, hiring a general contractor is the wise course to take. 

Construction and repair of your home can quickly become complicated and even overwhelming in some instances. If you have home repair, remodeling, or new construction planned, you need to consider what type of professional help that you need. You might only need a talented handyman to complete your projects. If things get a little more complicated, hiring a contractor or general contractor may be in order. Getting the right person for the job ensures that the work will be done correctly and legally, freeing you from conflicts with your town or city.