Don’t Overlook The Benefits Of Stainless Steel Cable Railing

When many homeowners think about updating the railing for a deck or stairwell, they often look to glass or wood as the primary options. Don't overlook stainless steel cable railing. Steel cable railing isn't just constructed from a highly durable material, it also offers a clear view, is better for animals, has an increased design appeal and is virtually maintenance free.

Clear View

Cable railing systems offer a less obstructed view than other railing designs, such as wood. This is a benefit that can be delivered when installing the railing system inside or outside. The naturally open design of cable railing can make a space, like a small deck, appear much larger than it actually is. Additionally, given the increased durability of the cables, there is a reduced need for anchor posts as compared to both glass and wood designs.

Animal Friendly

When used on an exterior area, glass railing can create the illusion that there is nothing there. For animals like birds this can be dangerous. A bird can easily fly straight into the glass, causing serious injury or even death. This is a problem that is avoided with cable railing. Although small, the railing is still large enough for the keen eye of a bird or other animal, allowing them to prevent injury.

Design Appeal

Cable railing has the ability to fit in within just about any design style. Whether your home is more modern, contemporary or if your home is more traditional, stainless steel cable railing will fit in seamlessly with your design. The reason for this is that the neutral color and clear lines of the cable rails allow them to easily blend in with your other design features. Even if you decide to upgrade the decor or design in your home in the future, the railing will be complementary.

Reduced Maintenance

Cable railing offers a reduced level of maintenance, which is always an appealing factor. Stainless steel doesn't corrode or dry rot. The primary reason for this is the fact that stainless steel can withstand a number of different elements without risk of damage, unlike wood. Wood frequently needs to be treated and repainted in order to keep it in good condition and maintain its appearance. Stainless railing is basically maintenance free.

If you're looking for a new railing design for your stairwell or deck, don't overlook the many benefits that stainless steel railing can bring to your home.

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