How To Prepare For Your New Window Installation

Thinking that your home could benefit from new windows? If so, it will help to be prepared in the following ways before the installers arrive. 

Pull Back And Cover The Furniture

Chances are that you have a lot of furniture in front of your windows that will be replaced. You'll want to take the time to pull back the furniture from the wall prior to the installers arriving. This will help ensure that the installers can get right to work, and that you do not accidentally scratch your floors while moving a heavy piece of furniture. 

It will also help to cover that nearby furniture with drop cloths or old bed sheets. The installers will do their best to install the new windows in a way that makes minimal mess. However, putting a sheet over your furniture will give you peace of mind and ensure that nothing is damaged. 

Remove Hung Items From The Wall

Do you have picture frames, mirrors, or artwork on the walls where you will be receiving new windows? It's a good idea to take these things down prior to the installation. The process of removing the old windows and installing new ones is going to cause the walls of your home to vibrate quite a bit. Preemptively take down anything that could fall off the walls, which will prevent damaged frames, broken glass, and stop a completely avoidable problem from happening. 

Create A Path For Workers

You are going to have workers coming through your home to install those new windows, so it will help to create a path for them to walk through. If you have carpeting that you do not want to get dirty, put down some rugs to create a walking area so that they do not step on your carpeting. While they will likely wear shoe covers when they are in your home, the path will show the workers where you want them walking. 

Clear The Outside Area

Do you have anything on the outside of your home that is located next to a window that will be replaced? Make sure you move these things before the installers arrive. This includes potted plants, patio tables, BBQ grills, and things that can be easily moved to a different part of your yard. You do not want to have a glass table break by accident when it could have been easily moved earlier in the day. 

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