The Air Conditioning Installation Guide For Energy-Efficient Heat Pump Cooling

If you are looking for more efficient HVAC solutions, options like heat pumps are an excellent choice for your home. These systems work a little differently than conventional AC systems. They are more efficient and practical and can also provide your home with heating. The following AC heat pump installation guide will help you when you're installing a new air conditioner.

Choosing the Right Condensing Unit—The condensing unit is the main component of the heat pump AC system. This is the outdoor unit that removes the hot air from your home. The condensing unit should be sized for the volume of air that needs to be cooled in your home. The volume of air combined with the size of the system is measured by tonnage, and you will need to have more tonnage if you need to cool more air in your home.

Air Handler To Distribute Cool Air—After you know the tonnage needed for the air handler that will be installed in your home, you will need to buy an air handler. This is the main component of the system with the blower and filter that distributes air to the vents. If you are installing the heat pump AC in a home, this is a smaller air handler that will usually be installed in an attic or beneath the foundation. The air handler is connected to a plenum. The plenum is where the cool air leaves the system to be distributed through the system of ductwork.

Choosing the Right Type Of Ductwork—Today, there are many options for the ductwork that you can have installed in your home. The ductwork can have modern, durable installation, as well as dampers for a zoned AC design. The dampers are used to control the flow of air to different zones, which helps to improve the efficiency of a heat pump air conditioning system and will be used for heating your home.

Thermostats and Smart Zoned HVAC Designs—Zoned HVAC designs are one of the most common solutions for modern heating and cooling designs. These systems can use separate thermostats and dampers to control the heating and to cool in different areas of your home. Zoned systems are efficient and will allow you to control your comfort in different areas and rooms in your home.

These are some of the heat pump AC installation solutions that you will want to consider for the cooling in your home. When you are ready to install a heat pump in your home, contact an AC installation service. Talk to them about these options to improve your home with a heat pump system.

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