Siding Installation Services Guide for Your Home Improvements and Renovations

Siding and cornice details can be a great way to improve the exterior of your home, and there are many materials and design features to choose from. These choices different types of materials, styles, and moldings to use for these renovations and home improvements. The following guide will help you with these projects for your home:

1. Modern choices for siding materials

The modern choices of siding materials for your exterior renovations are much more than wood. Today, there are modern wood siding alternatives that include metal, fiber cement, vinyl, and synthetic and composite lumber. These are some of the wood alternatives for the siding renovations you are planning for your home. Materials like vinyl and fiber cement will last longer than traditional wood siding with the right care. If you plan on using wood like cedar, it will need regular care and painting every few years.

2. Custom siding installation for exterior design

The siding that you install for your exterior renovations can also have a custom design. These can be craftsman-style finishes, traditional lap-siding, board-and-batten, and other styles of siding. To give your home a more custom design, these different styles of siding materials can be mixed and matched. The siding changes when using different materials can be broken up with trim, molding, and minor architectural details.

3. Cornice and molding details for exterior finishes

The exterior of your home can also be improved with cornice details that start with the soffit and fascia that is installed by the siding installation service. The cornice can also include more detailed moldings that help bring out the custom design of your home renovations and custom siding job. You can use wider moldings and details to help bring out architectural design features and details. 

4. Columns, friezes, and molding for architectural details

The siding installation services can also help you with architectural details. If you have plain wood posts for columns, more details architectural materials can be used to give your home exterior a custom design. Friezes can also be used to create decorative details to the siding and around windows. These molding details can be a great solution if you are planning on installing replacement windows or if you just want to repair and restore the existing windows in your home.

The right details for your siding will improve the appearance and design of your home. Contact siding installation services to start discussing these improvements for your home renovations.