Planning to Build a New Log Home? 3 Things to Take Into Consideration

If you are planning to build a new log home, this is an exciting time. You do, however, want to make sure you make the right choices so your home will be perfect for you. To help you, below are three things you need to take into consideration before you get started on building a new home. Your home builder can also give you many tips.

Types of Logs

The first thing to consider is the type of logs you want for your new home. There are companies that sell packages that have everything that is needed to build the log home. There are different types of logs to choose from, such as pine, which is commonly used. Cedar is also used and is very popular. You will also find logs made of redwood, oak, spruce, fir, and cypress.

The shape of the logs is another choice you must make. There are logs that have a rectangular and square shape, and logs that have a more rounded shape. D-logs are commonly used, and you can choose to have the logs interlock or have the logs not interlock at all. 


A log home can be dark because of the wood used, so open spaces work great. This is also beneficial if you have children as you will be able to see them well no matter where they are inside your home. Along with the space adding a lot of windows brings light in that will make the interior appear even larger.

You can never have enough closet space, so have more than what you think you will use. Having closet space for things like mops, brooms, and cleaning supplies is nice. Along with this, have closet space for out-of-season clothing, coats, etc. Having an extra closet for kids' things, such as toys they are not playing with, board games, and more, also works well. 


Along with closets, add an extra bedroom or two if it is in your budget. You never know when you will have visitors stay overnight, such as family members visiting from out of town. This way you will not have to worry about finding them someplace to sleep. Consider adding an extra bathroom along with the bedrooms to make things easier for your guests.

The size of the bedrooms is also another consideration. Consider if you will change the way you decorate in the future as you may need more room. If you have kids, they will grow up and may need larger bedrooms in the future for their things.

There are many more things to consider, such as carpeting, cabinets, and much more. To get help planning your new home, contact a company like Scott Hedrick Construction.