3 Tips To Prepare For Window Replacements

Whether you have chosen replacement windows to promote aesthetics, boost energy efficiency, or increase your home's value, a smooth process is vital. A little preparation before the installation begins goes a long way to prevent hitches and necessary delays. So, you have a role to play so your installers can have an easier task and fix your windows in a shorter time.

Here are tips to get you set for the d-day.

1. Clear Your Window Area and Yard

Your windows installers will need adequate space to access your windows. Clear anything in your yard that hinders smooth access. For example, keep the exterior wall next to the window space clear of decorations or sculptures. Also, the wind will likely gust through your premises during the installation process. So, keep away papers and other items that the wind can easily blow.

Clear your yard of leaves, bushes, debris, and household items. Installers use different tools to set up your replacement windows, some of which occupy a big space. If you live in a story house, ensure the grounds where the ladder stands are safe for the installers.

2. Remove Window Treatments and Decor

Whereas contractors handle all your items with care, mistakes happen, so stay on the safe side. Remove drapes, curtains, blinds, shutters,  and other window treatments to give your installers easy access to your window space. Nonetheless, discuss with your contractor before you remove any hardware treatments. Some may suggest you leave the hardware intact.

Any pictures, wall arts, etc., next to the window space should be removed and safely stored elsewhere. Better still, remove even the decorations far from the window to minimize the risk of damage from wall vibrations.

3. Make Your Home Accessible

Replacement window installation is a tedious task, so don't get in the way of contractors. Show your installers the way around and where to find you if questions or issues arise. Also, your contractors will work with and move the equipment and machinery required for the process. So, keep kids and pets away if you have any.

If you aren't present on the installation day, make arrangements so your contractors won't be locked out. For example, turn off alarm or security systems with window sensors to avoid noise pollution that affects your installers, neighbors, and relevant authorities.


Window replacement is a big project, and you would appreciate it if everything turned out great. So, be part of the journey to greatness with adequate preparation. Your efforts cut down the installation time and lower the risk of accidents.  If you want further details, talk to your window replacement service beforehand and ask how best to prepare.