Benefits Of Using PVC Pipes And Fittings When Installing A Water Line

Before starting your water line installation project, you will need to make some vital decisions to ensure your project is successful. One of the primary subjects you should address is the form of pipes and fittings you will use. Your plumbing material choice will be vital since it'll channel the water into your home and taps.

PVC pipes and fittings are a popular choice today, which can be attributed to the numerous benefits they offer. Keep reading to determine if they'll be suitable for your water line project.

Material Doesn't Affect Water Quality

Before picking the preferred piping material, it's crucial to consider the water quality. PVC pipes are ideal for transporting drinking water because they don't contaminate it. This material doesn't rust, and its inertness is high. Bacteria will not get a chance to breed in the pipes because they don't promote bio-film contamination. The lines are also smooth, making it hard for sediment to start accumulating in the pipes.

Material Is Chemical Resistant

Another reason why most people use PVC pipes and their fittings is for chemical resistance. These pipes can withstand many chemical reagents and disinfectants. So, if your water line installation project is done in a building where chemicals are abundant, you can be sure the pipes will keep the water clean. With these pipes, you'll have a water line that can withstand fluorides, mineral oils, strong acids, brine, and more.

Material Is Ideal for the Environment

PVC pipes are suitable for those who prioritize environmental conservation. Since this material is a low-carbon plastic, it will require less energy and resources to manufacture the pipes. Besides, the pipes last long and will only require minimal maintenance. If the plumbing line fittings get damaged after using them for years, they can still be recycled.

The smooth surface of PVC pipes also minimizes energy use and pumping expenses. Since the pipes are designed to be leak-free, issues like water loss will not be a common occurrence. All of this will be ideal for your environment and your pocket.

Material Can Resist Tree Root Intrusion

If your home is near trees, you will be concerned about the functionality of your water line in the long run. Sometimes tree roots can cause intrusion, causing water leakage problems and clogs. PVC pipes are designed to resist root intrusion thanks to their few joints. Also, the tightly fitting joints aren't likely to leak, meaning there will be no moisture to attract the tree roots.

Reach out to a plumbing contractor to learn more.