Impactful Industrial Design Elements For Your Home Remodeling Project

If you've chosen the industrial style for your upcoming home remodel, you may wonder what fantastic design elements you should include. While everyone associates the industrial design style with polished concrete floors, there are many creative ways to show off your love of industrial design.

Some of the most impactful include the following.

Metal Beams (All Metal or Faux)

Since most homes use wooden construction, it is rare to have metal beams to expose during the remodel. And installing a new one is often unnecessary for structural reasons. However, there are fantastic fake metal beams on the market that, once installed, will make your home look like it has always had large metal beams supporting it.

Not only are faux metal beams much lighter and less expensive than their full metal counterparts, but once installed, no one will be able to tell the difference. Installing metal beams or metal look-alike beams is one of the best ways to add industrial style to your upcoming home remodel. 

Windows with Metal Grids

When you think about old industrial buildings, one of the first things that come to mind is large windows with gridded panes. Warehouses and industrial spaces needed a lot of natural light, but their windows were also prone to breakage. So, instead of installing large plate glass windows, the windows were made of small panes of glass that could easily be individually replaced.

If your home remodeling project includes replacing windows, you should consider replacements with black or metal gridded panes and frames. The windows in an industrial-style home should be a focal point.

Exposed Red Brick

During the Industrial Revolution, buildings were often made of red brick. Since painting or otherwise covering the interior of the brick walls was a fire hazard in industrial settings, exposed brick has come to be known as one of the pillars of the industrial interior design movement.

For this reason, your new home design should have some exposed red brick as a focal wall, fireplace, or pizza oven in the kitchen.

Designer Light Bulbs and Other Small Touches

It's not only the significant architectural elements that make a successfully designed home in the industrial style. It is also the small touches you add after your general contractor has finished their work on the project. 

For example, you can install Edison light bulbs in hanging light fixtures. Just this one simple addition will completely change the look of a space.

The same can be said for placing industrial angle-arm lamps on desks and pairing them with industrial-style leather desk chairs. It isn't all about the structural change; it is also about the small touches you add once the significant work is completed.

To learn more about industrial decoration items, reach out to a retailer near you.