How To Get Better Results When Painting Your Interior Walls

You see your interior walls day in and day out. So, you want them to look great. You don't want the paint to look patchy, uneven, or rough on the surface. And it does not have to! Here are some tips to help you get better results when painting your interior walls.

Use both brushes and rollers. 

The easiest way to cover a whole wall easily is to use a roller. However, it is hard to get into the corners and crevices using a roller. The best approach, then, is to use both brushes and rollers to paint your walls. Start by using a brush to paint in the corners and along all of the edges. Then, use a roller to "fill in the middle." You'll overlap a lot of your brush strokes, and that is okay. Doing so will help blend the two application styles and create a uniform look.

Buy quality paint.

There is a reason some paint costs $15 a gallon and other paint costs $55 a gallon. The more expensive paint tends to offer much better, more even coverage. It also tends to be more pigmented, which means you'll need fewer layers of it to get great coverage. While most people don't need to buy the most expensive paint on the shelf, you'll be happier with your results if you at least buy a mid-range paint rather than the cheapest brand.

Batch your paint.

Paint stores do their best to tint all paint cans the exact same color. However, their equipment is not perfect. The best way to ensure all of your walls are the exact same color is to do what's called "batching" the paint. Buy a huge, 5-gallon pail, put all of your paint in it, and stir it to combine all of the cans together. Or, see if you can buy a 5-gallon tub of tinted paint from the get-go. This way, all of your paint will come from the same container and should be the same color.

Start with a good primer.

Before you even apply one brushstroke of paint to your walls, make sure they are fully and evenly primed. Primer will help your paint stick evenly and go on smoothly. Yes, you should prime even if there is already paint on the walls.

With the tips above, you should get smoother and more even results when painting your walls. 

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