How To Have Cleaner Water In Your Home

If you cringe every time you pour a glass of water, you may have issues with the water in your home. Use these tips to have cleaner water, and enjoy every last clear, cool cup of H2O right out of your faucet.

Check your faucet's aerator

If water only tastes like dirt or rust from one spot, then your faucet may be to blame. You can achieve cleaner water in your home simply by checking your faucet's aerator (the little screen in your faucet's head). If the aerator is dirty and clogged with bacteria, it will affect the purity of your water, and simply cleaning it out with bleach and a scrub brush can give you great-tasting water again.

Get new pipes

Sometimes your pipes are to blame for foul-tasting water. Copper pipes in particular can affect your water's quality, and usually show up as an issue in your water supply by turning your water brown and rusty. Changing old and deteriorating pipes can help improve water quality in your home as well as keep your plumbing in better repair. Contact your plumber and have them pinpoint which pipes need replacement so you can have more control over fixing your rusty water issue.

Install a water treatment system

If your water tastes or smells foul all around your home, then the main source you get your water from may be to blame. Your city well may have dirt or debris in it, or if you have well water, you may be facing water that has chemicals, pesticides, and other debris in it. Fill a glass of water, and if you see little particles floating around, then you know that your water is not as clean as it can be. If your water is filthy due to reasons you cannot control, install a water treatment system to distill your water and help balance it with the right trace minerals. This allows your water to taste cleaner and be clearer, so you can enjoy healthier water from every faucet in your home. Common pollutants that water treatment systems help eradicate include:

  • lead
  • chlorine
  • solvents
  • chemical byproducts

When your water is foul-tasting and can hardly be consumed, there is definitely an issue in your home. Getting cleaner water in your home is all about knowing how to pinpoint your problem so you can supply a permanent solution. When it comes to poor water quality, there are many ways you can improve quality once you know what is causing the issue overall.

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