How To Cut Your Business Heating Bills

Keeping your small business profitable can be a challenging task. One significant way you can improve your bottom line is to lower your cooling bills. You can take certain steps to make your business more energy efficient while still keeping your customers comfortable.

New System

You may believe that your business' air conditioning unit is still doing its job, but if it has some age on it, you may be using too much energy to keep your establishment cool. In fact, if your commercial air conditioning unit is ten years old, you can save approximately 20% on your cooling bills by replacing it with a new, energy-efficient model. You'll save even more if your unit is decades old. Models that were produced in the mid-seventies use between 30 - 50% more energy than today's models. 


Consider investing in a programmable thermostat so that you can easily control the temperature when your business is closed as well as during the days you are serving customers. You can easily make necessary adjustments to keep things comfortable for your staff and your clientele. If your employees like to "play" with the thermostat, you can buy a lockable cover. Your staff may not like this move, but it can save you money and keep the peace between your cold-blooded and hot-blooded employees. 

Other Methods

Adding awnings and blinds to your establishment can really cut down on summer cooling costs. Bright sunshine is cheery, but a sunny day really ramps up your energy usage. You can also add vegetation to your list of energy-saving strategies. In addition to adding beauty to your business, you can use plants to screen out excess sunshine in the warmer months. In the wintertime, you can simply move the plants so that they let the light in. Even when your air conditioning is working well, you can also use fans to help keep the air circulating and the humidity manageable. 

Business energy costs can really add up. While you can keep things a little warmer at your home, overheating your customers can really adversely affect your business. If your air conditioning unit is getting older, chances are it is costing you money, and you need to replace it. Consider using other strategies to cut down on your business energy usage as well. You cannot run a successful business without a good cooling system, so take the time to have your system checked out by a professional to see if it meets your current needs.