Dealing With Lap Siding Maintenance And Repairs To Prevent Water Damage And Rot

Lap siding is the conventional siding that is boards that overlap each other. One of the problems that you must deal with is leaks and water damage. Some of the maintenance, repairs and improvements to stop leaks include sealing around windows and using house-wrap. If you want to prevent damage to your home from leaks in siding, here are some tips that will help:

1.  Using an Impermeable House-Wrap Behind Your Siding                                                       

Using an impermeable moisture barrier for your siding is important. The moisture barrier is what protects sheathing beneath from moisture and leaks. Asphalt felt paper was once used, but water and air can seep through it. Instead of conventional felt paper, you may want to consider using an impermeable house-wrap for the moisture barrier beneath your siding. Using an impermeable material will also help to stop air leaks, which will aid in the energy efficiency of your home.  It is a good idea to use plywood backing and house-wrap for homes that are going to have vinyl siding.

2. Repairs and Improvements to Keep Water Out Around Openings

There are also repairs and maintenance that will be needed around the windows and doors. It is important to make sure that caulking and painting is done every few years to protect your home from the elements. In addition, there are also drip edges above windows that are what allow water to drain off the roof of your home. It is important that this drip edge extends past the edges of your windows, which will allow water to drain away, and not become trapped behind the window trim.

3. Caring for Siding Damage That Cause Leaks That Go Unnoticed

The siding on your home may also have leaks that go unnoticed.  The siding on your home can be damaged due to things like storms, rot or being hit. To ensure your home is free of leaks, it is important to regularly check siding for damage. If you have wood siding, you will want to look for rot and other water problems. With fiber cement and composites, look for stress damage and cracks that allow water to be trapped behind siding; this trapped water is where problems often start.

These are some of the tips that will help prevent problems with your lap siding. Contact a siding contractor to help with the repairs that you need for your home and prevent some of the costly problems and repairs that can happen with lap siding. For more information, contact companies like Clarksville Gutter LLC.