Steps Needed To Get Ready For Your Wood Fencing Installation Project

If your home needs a fence around the backyard, wood is a good option. It has a classic look and goes with all types of properties. The wood fencing installation process can be involved, so you'll probably want to hire a fence contractor to put in the fence. You might help by preparing the area first if it could save some money. Here are some preparation steps needed for wood fencing installation.

Choose The Materials

You can choose pressure-treated wood if you want to save money since it's an affordable option. If you want a more durable and attractive fence, consider cedar. It costs more, but it's of higher quality. The contractor can help you choose the type of wood based on your budget and the look you want.

The contractor can then measure your fence line so they know the amount of supplies to order. This allows you to get an accurate quote for the project. Once you sign the contract, the contractor orders supplies and gives you a date the wood fencing installation project will begin.

Have A Survey If Needed

If you already have a fence in place, and you're certain it's within your property boundary lines, then you may feel comfortable putting a new fence in the same place. If there is any doubt about where you should have the new fence installed, then a boundary survey is a good idea. You'll need to have this completed before the work can begin.

Remove The Old Fence

The old fence has to get out of the way to make room for the new one, so you might do this yourself if it saves money. The fence contractor will probably need to haul the old fence away anyway, so you might not save enough money to make it worth the effort of taking the fence apart and digging up posts. The contractor can take the fence down right before installation begins so your yard is left open for the shortest time possible.

Get Rid Of Weeds

If you have weeds growing up the fence or if there are plants in the way, you may want to take care of these problems yourself. You can remove weeds by pulling them out, using a weed trimmer, or even by blasting them away with a power washer.

If you have plants and landscaping next to the fence, talk to the contractor about how much space they need to work. You might need to move plants that are against the fence. You'll also want to take down lights and anything else that's attached to the fence such as toppers that keep your pets in the yard.

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