Are You Expecting A Baby? 4 Ideas For Home Additions That Will Add Value

Preparing for the arrival of a baby can be stressful due to uncertainties about money and the major change to your lifestyle that will occur. While you could only plan so much for the changes that a baby will create between you and your partner, you can make some changes for your home that will relieve some of the stress you may be having about money or space. When considering a home addition, consider the following ideas that can help boost your property value and provide a number of other great benefits for your growing family. Read More 

When Do You Need A Contractor?

As a homeowner who is planning new construction or a remodel, you may be confused about what type of professional help that you need. Should you hire a handyman, a regular contractor, or a general contractor? The answer is that it "depends." The size and nature of the job dictate the type of professional you need.  Handyman A handyman can do many of the jobs around your home. Basic repairs, small tasks, and painting can easily be handled by a skilled handyman. Read More 

What to Do When a Tenant Is Late Paying Rent

When you decided to lease out a property, late payments were probably something you were planning to avoid. The reality is that late payments are part of being a landlord. Whether it's a careless tenant or one facing an extreme financial crisis, a tenant may pay late. Since you can't avoid this situation, it's a good idea to learn how to handle this challenge when faced with it. Keep Your Business Hat On Read More 

Child Moved Away And You Need A Home Office? Tips On Transforming Their Room

If your child has moved away from home, you may be wanting to turn their old bedroom into a home office for you. If so, follow the tips below so you can the perfect home office. Micro Addition If your child's bedroom is not quite large enough for you, you can do a micro addition, also known as a bump-out, instead of a full sized addition. This is the perfect way to add on a little space to a room, and is much less expensive. Read More 

How A Remodeling Contractor Can Help With A Room Addition

Do your grown children bring their families to stay in your house for the holidays and it's always cramped? It may be time for you to remodel your home to accommodate your large family. The best way to get more space is to add a family room with the help of a remodeling contractor. Discover below what you should know about getting help from a remodeling contractor for a family room addition. Read More